Clean Living for our Communities

A good wastewater management system gives people access to essential sanitation services. Let us help you make clean living easy for your community.

As we place more demands on our local water supplies, it becomes vital to ensure that optimal wastewater management systems are put in place.

When we manage our customers’ wastewater networks, we always follow the ‘Triple H’ rule: keeping your community Happy, Healthy and Hygienic.

Our partnerships with customers ensure their wastewater assets are managed throughout all stages of the project across remote, regional, peri-urban and urban parts of Australia and New Zealand.


projects per annum


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Delivering what you need, when you need it.

Using our renowned ‘no-dig’ trenchless technology, we can inspect, assess and renew even the most degraded wastewater assets and will work around-the-clock in the most critical situations. We also have the capabilities to provide you with a full suite of civil works depending on what you need.

Our technologies and applications in the wastewater sector have been developed and tested for over 85 years. During this time, we have become a trusted Delivery Partner in construction, pipe lining, sealing, coating, repairs, and maintenance of wastewater assets.

Key skillset includes

Condition assessment, program development and design

Programmed network maintenance

Deep structures, tunnels and access chambers

Robotics, trenchless and conventional excavated repairs

Spiral, CIPP solutions, coatings and more – 100mm to 3000mm

Emergency response


Expanda is a full-bore spirally wound PVC liner that restores the structural integrity, reliability and efficiency of ageing sewer and gravity pipelines with diameters from 150mm to 1200mm.

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CAC protective coating

CAC protective coating is specifically designed to provide ultimate protection against hydrogen sulphide gas-induced corrosion. Composed of a factory blend of fibre reinforced calcium aluminate cement mortar, the range is used for both protecting and restoring the integrity of access chambers and underground wastewater structures.

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Wastewater solutions

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