Our range of specially developed manual and water operated cleaning tools can be used on deteriorated clay, concrete, asbestos cement, and cast-iron pipes of all diameters.

We customise our cleaning method to suit the condition of your asset to provide quality outcomes with the lowest risk.

Utilising our suite of nozzles and cutters, we can clear stubborn tree roots, remove silt and debris, grind protruding junctions, and clear blockages and build-up.

Sustainable solutions

At Interflow, we’re committed to conserving our most precious resource, water. As part of this commitment, we’ve invested in a fleet of truck-mounted recyclers to clean sewer infrastructure sustainably using water from inside the pipe.

The portable units work by drawing water from the sewer, removing silt and solids on board, and using the recycled water to jet the remaining sewer. This allows us to clean without consuming valuable potable water, or when water supply is limited.

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