Creating futures through undergraduate and graduate opportunities

The H. J. Weaver Development Program creates future leaders, not just careers.

When Harold (H.J.) Weaver founded our company in 1936, he knew that success came from having passionate and dedicated people at its core.

He was committed continually improving the way we operate and had a passion for developing people and helping them to be their best. Today, Harold’s legacy lives on through our H.J. Weaver Development Program.

We’re here to support you on your journey.

Our program is designed to nurture talented individuals who have the commitment and passion to succeed. We provide diverse, multi-disciplinary experiences aimed at creating future leaders with specialist skills who will drive our industry forward.

Participants benefit from:

  • Tailored pathways: You will be offered a minimum of 3 job rotations in specifc areas of the business and/or specialist skill development experiences.
  • Networking: you will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from people in our business, from fellow program participants to senior leaders.
  • Development: you will gain real, practical on-the-job experience across a range of job roles and projects.
  • Financial support: Our undergraduates are eligible for financial support including annual tuition and associated fees.

We offer an experienced-focussed program that builds skills and opens doors.

Our flexible program offers tailored experiences that support your professional goals. Participants have the option to schedule 2-3 job rotations or specialist skill development experiences that are relevant to your career.

Our pathways include:

  • Engineering: Insight into the asset and engineering life cycle, including repairs, maintenance, and workshop exposure
  • Estimating: Develop tenders, quotes, stakeholder communication and collaboration skills
  • Operations: Insight into end-to-end project management and delivery
  • Product Development & Technical Services: Exposure to our product and solution offerings, including pipeline design
  • Quality: Create and understand key service and system management plans
  • Critical Sewer Solutions: Work within one of our largest wastewater delivery teams

Are you ready to kickstart your career?

The H.J. Weaver Development program is open to final-year students and recent graduates who are ready to build a career in the water industry.

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