Service connections


After a sewer has been rehabilitated using one of our innovative lining systems, connections to homes are re-opened using a robotic cutter. To reduce the potential for leaks and infiltration, we recommend sealing the connection using Interfit, our proprietary junction sealing solution.

Much like our CIPP liners, Interfit is a resin-cured fitting that creates a secure, long-term barrier by bonding with the lined pipe and the house connection.

We use a purpose-built ‘packer’ to install the Interfit from the nearest access chamber. The seal can be installed in live flows, cures without heat, and rarely needs excavation, making it a low impact and reliable method of sealing connections.

Hot tapping

Continuity of water supply is a fundamental need for residents and businesses alike. That’s why we have a suite of solutions aimed at reducing the impact of our work on the communities we operate in.

One such solution is hot tapping, a way of making a new service connection into a water main while it is still active and under pressure. A new connection is cut or drilled into a live pipe with no disruption to water services. We use tapping bands to install fittings in pressure pipelines of all materials.

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