Inspection and condition assessment

The key to offering you the best solution to your problem is understanding the true condition of your network or asset.

We carry out comprehensive condition assessments to detect leaks and defects. We offer CCTV inspections, GIS location and service mapping, and service proving. Using this data, we make service predictions and assist with asset management planning and budgeting. We also test soil, and perform destructive and non-destructive wall thicknesses testing.


Using closed-circuit television (CCTV), we can remotely inspect and assess pipeline assets across your water, wastewater, stormwater and culvert networks. Our range of tools includes everything from the smallest robotic rover to floating vehicles for large diameter pipelines – all fitted with the latest camera technology and software.

Detailed Reports

Our experienced engineers assess CCTV footage and score defects along the length of the pipeline. The data is recorded and produced into a report using industry-leading software. The detailed report allows us to create a cleaning and rehabilitation plan specific to the needs of your asset.

We can also use innovative AI solutions to systematically assess and score collected data without relying on a human operator. This greatly speeds up the assessment process, meaning you have the information you need in less time.

HD / MD profiling

Our profiling services incorporate a combination of laser, sonar and CCTV technology, which provide full empirical data on the pipeline condition. The profilers can operate with sewage flow in the line and go for long distances without person entry.


On occasion, CCTV robots hit roadblocks and can’t advance up the pipeline. Rather than abandon the inspection, we can use our hydraulic milling machines to grind away obstructions and allow the survey to continue. The same machines can be used to clear obstacles encountered during repairs and renewals. 

Core sampling

When it comes to access chambers, appearances can be deceiving. Fortunately, because we have direct access to them, we can take core samples to determine exactly what is happening beneath the surface.

Core sampling tells us exactly how thick the structure is, not just how much concrete has been lost. With this information, we can tailor our solutions to give you the best possible outcome.

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