Expanda: 150-1200mm

Water authorities and councils benefit from low-fuss, trenchless rehabilitation methods that are quick to install and minimise disruption to communities.

Our patented Expanda® system is a spiral-wound lining solution that restores the structural integrity, reliability, and flow efficiency of ageing sewer and gravity pipelines. Pipelines rehabilitated with Expanda will provide your communities with reliable services for over 50 years.

Low risk installation

Installing Expanda is fast and low risk. A single, continuous strip of PVC is wound through the pipe using a winding machine placed at the base of the access chamber.

Once the liner is in place, it is expanded radially to fit tightly inside the host pipe, creating a new, fully structural, and reliable section of pipe. The ends of the liner at each manhole are then sealed and rendered to the host pipe. Lateral connections are reconnected by robotic cutting.

The benefits

Installing Expanda is quick and low risk. It is fully structural and can be installed in pipes made from any material. Because it is installed from the access chamber in live flows, the need to bypass, block flows, or excavate is eliminated.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy installation: Expanda can be installed quickly with no need for bypassing, heating or curing.
  • Minimal cross-sectional loss: the liner fits tightly against the host pipe.
  • A flow-efficient bore: the smooth walls reduce friction inside the pipe.
  • A constant wall thickness: Expanda will not balloon, stretch or wrinkle.

Need more?

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