Localised repairs

Sometimes, localised defects appear in sewer or stormwater pipelines that are in otherwise good condition. In these instances, relining or digging up the pipe might not be the most effective solution.

That’s why we have a suite of options available for making localised repairs to your pipeline infrastructure. Whether it’s patches, seals or one of our protective coatings, we have the technology and expertise to repair your defects quickly and safely.


Our Interpatch solution is a strong fibreglass tube that is ideal for repairing small, isolated defects like a crack or a leaking joint.

The fast-curing patch is made from woven fibreglass and resin and can repair pipes made of brick, concrete, PVC, vitrified clay, asbestos cement, and cast-iron. Interpatch is quick to install and can be placed in live flows from the nearest access chamber.

With no excavation or reliance on heat for curing, you can be sure your pipeline infrastructure will be repaired quickly, safely, and with minimal disruption to your community.

Mechanical seals

We have access to a range of mechanical seals that can be used to repair leak and cracks in larger pipes of wide variety of material, pressure and purpose.

They work by installing a flexible rubber and stainless-steel clamp inside the circumference of the pipe, creating a tight, leak-proof seal across a leak or crack.

Quick to install, mechanical seals are perfect for when you need a fast solution, like during planned outages or in emergency situations.

Protective coatings

Concrete, brick and stonework structures are vulnerable to attack from acidic sewer gases. We have a range of epoxy and cement-based mortars available for repairing localised damage to pipes and other infrastructure and protect them from further deterioration.

Our corrosion-resistant solutions can also be used to rebuild structures like pits, chambers and box culverts and protect them from future damage.

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