Protective coatings

At Interflow, we are committed to solving your problems across the entire water network.

We know that sewer assets are particularly vulnerable to corrosion because of the presence of hydrogen sulphide gas – that’s why we offer a suite of hard-wearing, corrosion resistant mortars for repairing and rebuilding your wastewater structures.

Whether its small, localised repairs or the rehabilitation of kilometers of wastewater tunnel, we have options available to suit your needs.

Interchem® R

Our hard-wearing epoxy-based mortar, Interchem R, is a single-application solution for repairing and rebuilding concrete, brick and limestone structures. Interchem R adheres strongly to concrete surfaces and is stronger and more corrosion-resistant than concrete.  

The hand-applied mortar is perfect for small patch repairs, but is suitable for larger applications, too – if we can access it, we can repair it with Interchem R.

Interchem® CAC

Interchem CAC is our calcium aluminate cement (CAC) solution that is used to repair and renew gas attacked and deteriorated concrete pipelines and access chambers. The unique composition of calcium aluminate cement makes it resistant to corrosion from gas attack in sewer assets.

Quick to apply, Interchem CAC can be used in high volumes to rehabilitate large diameter underground structures. Its rapid curing time means we can be in and out quickly with minimal disruption to your community.

We also have access to a range of proven and reliable CAC products that have added CAC aggregate, should your design specifications require it.

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