Channelling Flows

Since our inception, we have been providing our customers with essential pipeline infrastructure solutions for roads, rails and bridges.

Our expertise in this field enables us to offer end-to-end solutions for the understated but essential pieces of infrastructure that support our transport networks – culverts.

These enduring structures are critical links, providing safe and sustainable extensions for nature’s waterways – allowing safe passage for aquatic life while keeping our communities and industries connected above.

Our experience in developing elegant solutions for culvert systems has enabled our customers to proactively manage these assets to maintain their communities’ desired levels of service.


projects per annum


dedicated crews


of culvert renewal per annum

We deliver elegant solutions for all your culvert needs

At Interflow, our culvert systems are designed to meet the many different types, sizes and shapes of culverts. Prior to any project works, we carefully plan the dimensions, material, shape and position according to your needs.

Our culvert delivery solutions cover every stage of your project: from planning, design, construction, renewal, and periodic maintenance – all factors are considered when managing your culvert assets.

We have an extensive range of trenchless culvert renewal solutions to renew culverts, including corrugated metal and box culverts, which can be tailored to a range of diameters and ensure minimal loss of diameter.

Key skillset includes

Structural solutions
from 450mm to 3000mm

Condition assessment
and design

Minimising disruption to rail or road freight lines

Robotic repairs and silt removal

Working to design standards 300LA and AS/NZS 2556.1

safe solutions


Ribline is a fixed diameter full-bore structural liner that restores the integrity, reliability and efficiency of aging pipes and culverts. It is suitable for pipe diameters from 2000mm to 3000mm.

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Rotaloc consists of a single, continuous strip of PVC, which is progressively wound into the existing pipeline by a Rotaloc winding machine. It provides structural lining for deteriorated circular pipes and culverts from 800mm to 2200mm diameter.

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