Rotaloc: 800-1800mm

We have a suite of reliable and proven spiral-wound lining solutions that restore the structural integrity of ageing pipe infrastructure.

Our RotalocĀ® system is suitable for large diameter pipelines and culverts. It is robust enough to return even the most deteriorated pipes to service. In fact, like all our spiral-wound liners, Rotaloc has enough strength to stand alone, without relying on the host pipe.

No-fuss installation

Rotaloc is installed by winding continuous strip of interlocked PVC through the pipe using a custom winding machine. The machine moves through the pipe between access chambers or culvert openings and can adjust the diameter of the liner as it moves along the pipeline. This ensures the liner sits tightly against the host pipe, even if the diameter changes along its length.

Once the liner is in place, the void between the liner and the host pipe can be filled with cementitious grout if required by your specification. This is typical in culvert applications to secure the liner in place.

The benefits

In underground pipelines, the Rotaloc liner is installed between two access chambers, eliminating the need to excavate. The smooth internal surface of the liner typically increases the flow carrying capacity of the pipeline.

Rotaloc can be installed in pipelines of any material and condition and is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to suit your specific project needs. For higher strength requirements, the PVC strip can be reinforced with encased steel bands.

Other benefits include:

  • A minimal site footprint: Rotaloc is delivered to site on spools and excavation is rarely needed.
  • Minimal cross-sectional loss: the liner fits tightly against the host pipe
  • Quick and easy: installation is fast and does not rely on any resins, heating or curing.
  • A constant wall thickness: Rotaloc will not balloon, stretch or wrinkle.

Need more?

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