When we work on water mains, it is vital that we ensure the community has a continuous, reliable supply of water.

An unavoidable aspect of this type of work is that the section of main we’re renewing must be temporarily taken off-line, and temporary services connected to each affected house and business.

Traditional shutdowns using network valves are disruptive, with trial shutdowns and temporary services potentially impacting hundreds of customers. This is where our patented line-stopping solution, Infrastop, can help.

Our line stopping solution reduces the impact on your community.

The key advantage of using Infrastop over network valves to isolate water mains is that Infrastops can be placed anywhere along the length of a water main. This means we can greatly reduce the number of houses and businesses that are impacted by installing them just upstream and downstream of the section of pipe that is being worked on.

Once work is complete, we remove the plugs, leaving the offtake in place with the closing plug and flange installed. The renewed section of water main is returned to operation and will deliver life’s essential to the community for generations to come.

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