Primus Line

A strong and flexible liner, Primus Line® is designed to breathe new life into ageing water and sewer pressure pipelines.

Primus Line is the ideal solution for asset owners seeking a low impact, long-lasting solution for ageing pressure pipelines.

Primus Line installation

The multi-layered, Kevlar-reinforced liner is folded during manufacture so that it can pass easily through the host pipe. It is placed by winching it through the existing pipeline, then inflated to its full size. The liner is connected to the main using custom-built manifolds and connections.

The benefits

Primus Line is quick to install and doesn’t rely on resins, heating or curing for its strength. It is flexible enough to handle bends of up to 45 degrees, meaning longer lengths can be installed without the need to additional pits or for work to stop and start.

We are the exclusive provider of Primus Line in the Australian and New Zealand water sectors. Our partnership ensures that Primus Line is expertly installed with care and consistency every time.

Other benefits include:

  • Quick and easy installation: the liner is quick to install and does not rely on resins or curing
  • Suitable for harsh environments: the pipe-grade polyethylene is UV
  • Minimal cross-sectional loss: the thin liner walls minimise the loss of diameter in the rehabilitated pipeline
  • A low carbon footprint: fewer pits and a small site footprint make Primus Line a sustainable choice
  • Strength and flexibility: the liner is made from Kevlar and polyethylene, making it strong, flexibly, and resistant to abrasion
  • Safe drinking water: Primus Line is certified to AS/NZS 4020:2005 for drinking water products

Need more?

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