Sustainable Waterways

When we plan your stormwater project, we plan to protect your water quality.

Stormwater infrastructure is vital transport networks for drainage and have a significant impact on the amenity and liveability of the communities we serve.  When we plan stormwater works, we consider a range of methods and select the best solution for that specific site.

Critical to our stormwater management process is maintaining an optimum flow to keep streams, lakes and aquatic life healthy. This process also supports water used by people and communities, enabling a natural flow cycle which prevents infiltration, flooding and erosion.


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Sustainable waterways for generations to come

We are experts in construction, pipe lining, relining, sealing, coating, repairs and maintenance of stormwater assets. Our partnership will ensure your stormwater assets are managed throughout all stages of the project – from initial consultation, planning and design through to construction and maintenance.

Our teams are qualified to inspect, assess and renew even the most degraded stormwater pipes and will work around-the-clock in the most critical situations to ensure your project is delivered to the highest quality. Our extensive range of services includes our patented spiral-wound liners, that enable us to repair stormwater pipes, whilst maintaining flow capacity. This avoids the need to decommission existing lines or excavate roads, making your projects more time and cost efficient.

Key Skillset Includes

Condition assessment, program development and design

100mm to 3000mm

Construction and repairs of structures such as pits and headwalls

Robotic repairs and silt removal

safe solutions

Interline CIPP

Interline CIPP is part of our range of liners for renewal of deteriorated non-circular pipes, such as ovoid, egg-shape, or box cross-sections.

Interline UV offers an ultra-violet lining option that provides higher mechanical qualities and assured quality control with the added benefit of no styrene discharge into the environment.

Learn about Interline CIPP

Inspection and condition assessment

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) enables pipeline inspection to be performed in a consistent way, following techniques and guidelines set out by industry standards. We have a large fleet of CCTV crews able to undertake pipeline inspection surveys, all equipped with the latest camera technology and software.

Inspection and condition assessment

Stormwater solutions

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