RediFlow: 90-150mm

As thousands of kilometres of asbestos cement pipes reach the end of their service life, asset owners are seeking low impact, affordable ways to renew their water infrastructure.

Our RediFlow® package is a sustainable, all-in-one solution that replaces ageing water reticulation pipelines using the existing alignment. The system comprises our very own Titeflow® H112 and INFRASTOP® solutions.

Titeflow H112

Titeflow H112 is our HDPE die-reduction tight-fit technology for renewing pressure pipelines. Comprised of H112, an internationally recognised resin specifically designed for pipe applications, Titeflow H112’s benefits, include:

  • Minimal impact during installation
  • Superior hydraulic performance
  • Enhanced slow crack growth performance
  • 50% better abrasion resistance compared to conventional PE100
  • Enhanced performance at elevated temperatures


INFRASTOP is our line stopping technology that ensures a targeted shutdown of water mains from 80 to 150mm, eliminating or minimising:

  • The need for use of section valves
  • Trial shuts
  • Customer complaints
  • Water loss

Are you REDI?

Together, this cutting-edge renewal system is uniquely designed to be:

  • Reliable, ensuring long-term performance with enhanced slow crack growth resistance and high abrasion resistance
  • Environmentally friendly, minimising water loss and community impact
  • Durable, increasing overall resilience and security
  • Innovative, utilising high strength H112 resin for increased flow capacity compared with PE100

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