Interline: <1500mm

Widely utilised across the water industry, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is versatile option for rehabilitating all types and shapes of pipeline.

Our Interline® system is a trenchless, structural lining method that uses heated water, steam or ultraviolet light to cure the liner once it is inside the pipe. With each liner manufactured to suit project-specific design requirements, Interline CIPP can be tailored to your needs.


We offer two CIPP lining solutions, our heat-cured Interline CIPP solution, and Interline UV, which is cured using ultraviolet light.

We will work with you to select the option that offers you the greatest benefit, based on the condition of the asset and your design requirements.

Interline CIPP

The resin-saturated felt liner is installed by inversion, meaning it is turned inside out as it is pushed inside the host pipe. Water is used to create the pressure needed to invert and install the liner.

Once it is in place, steam or heated water is introduced into the line. The heat cures the resin, transforming it from a soft, malleable tube into a high-strength, structural, composite resin and felt fibre liner.

Interline UV

We offer an extra-high-strength UV alternative to our steam and water cured CIPP solution. The fiberglass-reinforced liner is winched into place, then cured by ultraviolet light. Much like our heat cured liners, the UV light transforms the liner from a soft tube into a high-strength structural liner.

The benefits

During installation, the Interline CIPP liner is soft and malleable, meaning it will form to the shape of non-circular pipelines and can be installed around bends. Each liner is manufactured specifically to your design requirements. The wall thickness can be adapted to suit your needs to maximise the efficiency of your network.

Other benefits include:

  • A close fit: Interline CIPP is a close-fit liner and leaves very little space between the liner and the host pipe
  • Assured quality: each liner is manufactured under controlled conditions
  • Improved hydraulic performance: the smooth, chemically resistant surface of the cured liner restores, and in many cases improves, the hydraulic capacity of ageing pipelines

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