North West Growth Centre Package 3C Inlet Amplification Project

Creating the future of drinking water for the Rouse Hill community

Interflow supported Sydney Water in creating the future of drinking water for a growing community in Rouse Hill. Through detailed planning and community engagement, Interflow installed 2.3km of new mains along roadways with minimal disruption to the community.

The North West Growth Area is likely to see 33,000 new homes over the next decade. These new homes require new infrastructure in order to supply essential water services to the growing community.

The mild steel cement-lined pipeline DN900 PN12 runs underneath a busy street and has two Interflow was engaged by Sydney Water to construct new trunk mains to supply drinking water to existing and future homes in Rouse Hill. Comprised of a combination of Ductile Iron Cement Lined and Steel Cement Lined pipes, the new mains run for 2.3km along Windsor Road and Rouse Road, connecting into existing water assets in the region.


New infrastructure

2.3km of pipeline


The new lines pass through live construction sites and roadways, requiring crews to interface with other contractors and workers. This called for an added layer of care and planning to ensure that Interflow’s works did not impact on other projects, and conversely, assured crews they had reliable access to the resources and services they needed to perform the job.

By keeping community and stakeholders at the head of project planning and scheduling, Interflow was able to minimise the potential for delays on this new infrastructure project and ‘make it right the first time’.

The challenge

A common challenge for pipeline projects is the increased risk posed by extended workfaces. Operating across multiple kilometres of worksite means there is greater potential to impact on the environment, existing infrastructure, and the lives of locals and residents. In addition, the scope required crews to work within live development sites and alongside roadways, furthering the potential for impact and delays.

Interflow needed to take an innovative approach to project management and planning in order to drive success on this project.

The solution

Interflow made community its top priority when planning and constructing these critical assets for Sydney Water. By approaching the scope with a community-first mindset, Interflow was able to identify and mitigate potential impacts the works may have on residents, critical services, and adjacent construction sites. This was achieved by engaging with stakeholders early and understanding their needs.

This early engagement allowed crews to address risks and concerns from the beginning through careful design, scheduling and project management processes. This approach ensured that essential water services could be delivered to a growing community with minimal disruption.


Community is at the heart of everything we do.

By installing an Australian-first triple Primus Line solution, Interflow was able to breathe new life into By working collaboratively with customers, community and other stakeholders, Interflow delivered 2.3km of essential water mains with minimal disruption. Through the delivery of these new assets, Interflow is helping Sydney Water to create the future of drinking water for the growing Rouse Hill community.

Sydney Water


Rouse Hill and surrounds, NSW


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