Interline® CIPP (<1,200mm)

Non-circular pipes can come in a range of shapes and sizes. Typically these pipes are ovoid, egg-shape, or box cross-sections. Interflow has a range of liners for renewal of deteriorated non-circular pipes depending on the size and shape of the pipeline.

The Interline CIPP system is a resin saturated felt liner that is installed by inverting it inside the host pipe under a head of water and then curing it using hot water. Because the lining is in a soft state when it is installed the Interline CIPP liner will conform to the shape of the host pipe making it suitable for installation in ovoids or in circular pipes with bends and changes in direction.

Interline CIPP provides a “close-fit” liner. The strength of the liner is provided by the resin and is a function of the liner wall thickness. The wall thickness can be selected to suit design or structural requirements.

When cured the Interline CIPP has sufficient strength to resist pipe loadings and provides a smooth, chemically resistant internal surface which restores or often improves the hydraulic capacity of the original pipe. The end result is a renewed asset with an expected surface life of at least 50 years.