Pipe bursting: 100-300mm

A low impact and proven method of installing a new pipeline, pipe bursting installs a new pipeline along the same alignment as the damaged or deteriorated pipeline.

This method has been widely proven across the trenchless industry and replaces the existing pipe with a standard polyethylene pipe product.


Pipe bursting is performed by pulling a new HDPE pipe through an existing pipeline using a hydraulic winch. We dig small pits at each end of pipe section for access. The new pipe has a specially designed bursting head attached to the end, which splits apart the existing pipe as it passes through.

The process is complete once the bursting head and the attached new pipe reach the end pit.

The benefits

This solution has the advantage of installing a brand-new pipe with the option to increase capacity – by ‘bursting’ open the old pipe, the new pipe can be the same size or larger than the original pipe diameter. Pipe bursting can also be a viable option when an existing pipeline has collapsed, and localised excavation to clear or repair the section has been ruled out.

Other benefits include:

  • Low waste: with the original pipe left in the ground, there is no need for its disposal.
  • Low impact: pipe bursting is a low impact alternative to dig and relay, minimising excavation and disruption to your customers.
  • Safe for crews: our pipe bursting unit uses a technique known as rope bursting, which eliminates the need for operators to enter pits during installation.

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