Interflow formalises its commitment to reconciliation with the launch of its first Reconciliation Action Plan

Leading pipeline infrastructure company, Interflow, officially launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) on 4th of July 2022. In a ceremony held at its head office in Girraween, the company formalised its commitment to playing its part in building a more reconciled nation.

The company joins over a thousand of its corporate peers who have committed to advancing reconciliation through the RAP program. Endorsed by the independent not-for-profit, Reconciliation Australia, RAPs are formal plans that set out the steps an organisation will take towards reconciliation.

“We recognise the responsibility we have as a company to give back to the country that we thrive in,” said Interflow’s Managing Director, Daniel Weaver.

“We have a far-reaching footprint, which opens up unique opportunities for us to engage with communities and individuals across the country.”

In 2021 alone, RAPs created employment and education opportunities for First Nations people, generated $2 billion of revenue for First Nations businesses, and increased cultural learning across the broader business community.

“This is our first step down a long path, so we’ve chosen to develop a Reflect stage RAP,” said Daniel. “This means we will spend the next 12 months developing partnerships and scoping out our future commitments.”

While there are many reasons for having a RAP, at the top of the list for Interflow is that it’s simply the right thing to do. “We’ve chosen to embark on this journey because we recognise that reconciliation takes collective change”, said Daniel. “Currently, the playing field isn’t level and First Nations people remain the most disadvantaged community in Australia.”

“Closing the gap requires action from everyone. As Australians, it’s our responsibility to lift each other up and make sure no one is left behind.”

Ultimately, reconciliation is everyone’s business. From homes, communities, schools, and workplaces, there are many different ways to contribute and start the reconciliation journey.

To get started on your own Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) visit Reconciliation Australia to find out more!

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