Harnessing happiness to help our communities

2021 is well underway. As we slowly move back towards normality, it is worth pausing to reflect on the impact an individual’s work may have on others. Leading pipeline infrastructure company, Interflow, is encouraging acts of kindness among its people to empower positive change at a community level.

Recognising our differences, working as one

As an organisation, Interflow is on a mission to improve the lives of its people, its customers, the communities it serves and the environment it operates in, for generations to come. To accomplish this purpose, Interflow’s Leadership Team has also placed a strong emphasis on improving the lives of the people within the business.

The company’s Operations Manager – Victoria, Robert McEwen, shares how this ‘people first’ philosophy has the power to impact the business’ culture, productivity and operations.

“At Interflow, we work hard however, it is not an individual effort. For us to be successful, we need to work together as ‘One Interflow’ to solve our customers’ problems,” he said.

The company’s ‘One Interflow’ philosophy focuses on its people agenda, fostering an environment where its people belong, are aligned and feel empowered to perform at their best.

“It’s about being a part of something greater than ourselves. We leverage each other’s strengths, support each other’s weaknesses and grow together,” says Robert.

“By taking the time to acknowledge someone’s hard work or lend a helping hand, you can really empower them to be happy at work and be their best.”

Creating a ‘new age’ community

Digital technologies have opened a vibrant landscape, where people can instantly connect with others from anywhere in the world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, Interflow’s crew members who were mobilised to carry out works, were suddenly bound to stringent state regulations. This meant some workers could not see their families for months.

Thanks to the digital landscape, our people were able to create a virtual community that kept them connected with their fellow teammates and the communities they served

“This movement was ground-breaking for our people,” recalled Robert.

“It maintained inclusivity for our people , whilst connecting with community members about the essential service works we were providing. It completely redefined our concept of community.”

Bringing happiness to projects

Harnessing happiness to spur one’s own productivity is one thing, but sharing it is often said to be much more powerful.

“Happiness is the only thing in the world that doubles each time you share it.”

Eddie Jaku

Echoing the wise words of Eddie Jaku, a 99-year-old Holocaust survivor, Robert McEwen explains how this philosophy relates to the work of Interflow’s people renewing pipeline infrastructure.

“Interflow’s people encompass a lively and diverse network of workers and we all contribute to the company’s success in different ways,” he said.

Robert also points out that it would be impossible for a single individual to renew a city’s wastewater network or safeguard a community’s stormwater system without a supportive network that can bring different skillsets to the table.

“By working together, we’re able to have a profound positive impact on the communities in which we live and serve.”

A growing movement of gratitude and appreciation has swept the organisation, helping team members to realise the benefits of taking time to appreciate one another – just one small acknowledgement can make someone’s day.

“The lesson from Eddie is that happiness starts with the choices you make and the behaviours that follow,” Robert said.

“This is true to Interflow’s core values, which manifest in our behaviours,” he continued.

“A word of thanks, encouragement and genuine support not only makes you feel good but also makes others feel valued and appreciated.”

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