Interflow recognises its responsibilities to the communities in which we work.

Our work renewing deteriorated underground water and wastewater pipelines and associated structures brings us into contact with the wider community, including householders, businesses, road users, pedestrians and others.

We always aim to minimise any community disruption our works may cause.

This includes applying work methods that:

  • Allow work to be completed without disruption to the community’s water and wastewater services
  • Minimise the need for excavation. Typically we can work from existing manholes
  • Require only a small “footprint” so we are not blocking roads or accesses
  • Use equipment that makes little noise

Community communication is an important part of any project. We liaise with and inform those who will be affected to ensure they know the reasons for the works and are assured that we will respond to any concerns they may have. Our crews are all experienced at working on private property and are aware of the respect to which householders are entitled.

Interflow is committed to creating, maintaining and improving positive community relations. We aim to ensure that the community achieves a positive perception of Interflow, through the actions of all our employees.