SaniLine®W (100-800mm)

Interflow’s Saniline® W is available through an exclusive agreement with Swiss company Sanivar AG. It provides a cure in place pipe (CIPP) pressure rehabilitation system for asbestos cement (AC) and pressurised water mains with minimal loss in cross-sectional area. The reduction in friction co-efficient often leads to an increase in hydraulic capacity of the relined pressure main. It is suitable for use in potable water mains with diameters from 100mm up to 800mm.

SaniLine®W is a reinforced CIPP pressure rehabilitation liner. Its lining structure comprises of a circular woven jacket of polyester multi-filament yarn with an internal coating of polyethylene and an external coating of polyurethane adhesive. Its high tensile strength means it has a high internal pressure capacity despite being thin walled. This makes SaniLine®W ideal for lining deteriorated pressure mains.

Interflow has obtained compliance and certification for SaniLine®W to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4020 and is approved for use in potable water and pressurised mains.

The liner is in a soft state when it is installed so it will conform to the host pipe shape making it suitable for lines with bends and changes in direction. SaniLine® W remains flexible after installation, but with high tensile loading capacity. The circular woven jacket provides a flexible material capable of bearing the tensile forces imposed by internal water pressure. This ensures that the SaniLine® W can withstand the internal pressures if the host pipe experiences a burst failure.

SaniLine® W is installed through an inversion process using a specialist pressurized drum and an average inversion pressure of 1 Bar. The initial installation process is completed within 3 to 4 hours using only air pressure and ambient temperature to cure the polyurethane adhesive.

The installation of SaniLine®W requires access via entry and exit pits which may require some excavation to allow for the liner to be installed. The short curing time of SaniLine®W ensures a reduced downtime and minimises the impact the works has on local businesses, residents and traffic.

Sanivar AG, the manufacturer of SaniLine®W, has been operating in Europe for over 40 years. Over the past 20 years Sanivar has successfully rehabilitated over 725km of pressure mains.

Trenchless Technology has become common place for the renewal of sewers and water mains in Australia over the past 20 years. The benefits of minimal excavation are well documented and known to the industry. SaniLine® W enables Trenchless Technology benefits to be further realised in the rehabilitation of AC water and pressurised water mains.