Rotaloc Ovoid

Rotaloc Ovoid is an innovative adaptation of Rotaloc for use in ovoid or egg-shaped man-entry size sewers between 1200mm and 2000mm diameters

Rotaloc Ovoid system involves winding a circular PVC pipe using Rotaloc profile into the deteriorated ovoid pipe. To achieve this, the Rotaloc machine is mounted onto steel I-beams temporarily placed at the base of the host pipe prior to installation. As the Rotaloc machine traverses along the steel beams it winds a circular PVC liner tight against the wall of the host pipe. After a section of pipe is lined the base of the liner is cut and removed. The two cut ends are flared out either side and anchored to stainless steel rails which are bolted to the host pipe wall. The liner ends are sealed and cementitious grout is pumped behind the liner to fill voids. The steel I-beams are then removed from the pipe. The resulting product renews the exposed surfaces of the ovoid pipe leaving the invert submerged below the flow untreated. The Rotaloc Ovoid structure comprising the liner, grout, and stainless steel rails forms a robust structure in its own right and is capable of withstanding its own weight and those of applied loads without relying on a bond to the host pipe

Rotaloc Ovoid is not a 360° liner so it is able to relieve the applied water table by draining it behind the liner and into the sewer. This self-draining feature is achieved by installing strip drains between the liner and the host pipe. It means the liner is not susceptible to pressure build up over time.

Rotaloc Ovoid has all the features and benefits of Rotaloc, and the material properties of PVC.

The stainless steel rails and anchor bolts used to pin down the PVC liner to the pipe walls are corrosion resistant and are not affected by gas attack.

Rotaloc Ovoid offers superior resistance against gas attack compared to epoxy solutions and unlike epoxy it does not rely on a bond to the host pipe. This makes the

Rotaloc Ovoid can be installed in ovoid pipes constructed of brick, concrete, and mineral based substrates.

Rotaloc Ovoid was successfully used for the restoration of the 100 year old ovoid Western Branch Main Sewer in Ashfield, Sydney in 2007-2008. The product and project was so successful that Interflow was awarded the prestigious Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology’s “Project of the Year 2008” for the rehabilitation of the WBMS, and the CCF Earth Awards (Cat 3) “Project Of The Year 2008”.

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