Ribline: >1500mm

If you have a large diameter pipeline or culvert that needs rehabilitating, our Ribline® lining system could be the solution to your problem.

Ribline is a steel-reinforced polyethylene spiral-wound lining solution that restores the structural integrity, reliability, and efficiency of large drains, culverts and sewers. Leveraging the combined benefits of plastic and steel, Ribline can handle everything from the harshest outback conditions to high volume sewers.

Installation made easy

Ribline is installed by winding a continuous strip of steel-reinforced ribbed polyethylene through the pipe using a winding machine placed inside an access chamber, at the headwall or entrance to the pipe. The interlocked edges of the strip are welded together as it leaves the winding head.

Ribline is installed at a fixed diameter. After it has been installed, cementitious grout is pumped behind the liner to fill the annulus and voids in the deteriorated host pipe.

The benefits

Ribline is made of a composite steel-reinforced high-density polyethylene profile. The combination of the strength of steel and the durability of plastic results in a liner with a high strength-to-weight ratio. The profile strips are available in a range of sizes and the liner stiffness and can be tailored to meet specific design requirements by changing the size of the steel reinforcement.

Other benefits include:

  • Quick and easy installation: the liner is quick to install and does not rely on resins or curing
  • Suitable for harsh environments: the pipe-grade polyethylene is UV resistant and results in an inert, smooth pipe with high resistance to wear
  • Improved safety: installation is controlled from above ground, meaning there is no need for anyone to enter the deteriorated pipe
  • A minimal site footprint: Ribline is an excavation-free, low impact lining solution

Need more?

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