Proactive culvert management solutions that keep traffic flowing

Road authorities are faced with a myriad of challenges when it comes managing major infrastructure assets such as culverts. For any efficient asset management program, early intervention is vital, saving government bodies huge construction and traffic congestion costs incurred by reactive repairs.

Getting one step ahead

While infrastructure maintenance and repair remain essential, no one enjoys the disruption that results from bridge, road, and utility construction work. By developing a planned program of works, authorities can avoid excessive traffic congestion or complete road closures that would otherwise affect thousands of commuters.

Adopting a tailored approach to help its customers proactively manage their culvert assets, specialist in water infrastructure, Interflow, provides alternative methods to traditional culvert construction and maintenance that address weaknesses within a network without the complete structural overhaul of a road or railway.

Avoid a congested commuter conundrum

Traffic snarls caused by construction have a huge impact on the community. However, it is possible to undergo a major culvert renewal project with little or no impact to traffic. Often referred to as ‘no dig’ construction and/or rehabilitation, a trenchless approach may be the answer to overcoming the notorious congested commuter conundrum caused by major construction works.

This cutting-edge methodology can streamline a project and enhance community safety by reducing or eliminating excavation and can be conducted at any point in the culvert asset’s lifecycle.

Interflow can employ a number of construction techniques for installing or rehabilitating culverts and other underground water infrastructure with minimal disruption to surface traffic, businesses, and residents. Adding to its end-to-end asset management capabilities, the Company also uses technologies for inspection, leak location, and leak detection.

To find out more about how Interflow can keep both your networks and traffic flowing through a well-planned asset management program, visit

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