Watermain Rehabilitation – Acland Street

Project Summary Sheet

Customer: South East Water

Location: Acland Street, VIC

Delivered: August 2016

The Challenge

Streetscape upgrading on Acland Street’s new tram “super stop” damaged cast iron water mains, compromising supplies to the surrounding community. An emergency water supply system was needed, along with replacement of the old infrastructure.

The work needed to be carried out without disrupting other contractors on the site, and without extending the promised completion date.

The Solution

Urgent mobilisation was needed to set up a temporary water supply system in a congested area where extensive construction work was in progress. Crews were mobilised to site within 24 hours.

A work method was also devised to replace the old water mains quickly, with minimal interference to the shop keepers and the contractors upgrading the open air pedestrian mall and tram stop.

The Project

Promises made to retail businesses affected by mall and tram stop construction meant that work needed to be carried out to a tight timeframe. Pipework replacement was not included in the original scope of works.

Interflow’s crew commenced work on site within 24 hours of being notified of the water supply stoppage.

The first step was to devise and install a complex temporary system to provide water to shops and other businesses. Designing and assembling the system required extensive collaboration with the client, business proprietors and the numerous contractors working on the site.

Small diameter water supply pipework was assembled over the tops of buildings and canopies, through the back of premises and strapped to street furniture.

With temporary supplies provided, Interflow crews worked 24/7 to replace the aged cast iron pipework. While some excavation was needed, it was minimised by pipebursting and installing polyethylene pipe along the routes of the old pipelines.


This project demonstrated Interflow’s reputation as a trusted partner for anything its client’s need. Pivotal to the success of this project was exceptional collaboration between Interflow and its client. Communication skills were needed by Interflow’s project team and community relations management involving South East Water and all affected stakeholders.

Interflow is committed to offering its customers optimum solutions of the highest value for pipeline rehabilitation. We do this by living our core values of honesty, reliability and competence.