Trenchless Watermain Renewal – Marion Road

Project Summary Sheet

Customer: SA Water

Location: Marion Road, South Australia

Delivered: November 2013

The Challenge

A 6.1 kilometre length of one of Adelaide’s most important water trunk mains had reached the end of its useful life. Its renewal needed to provide a solution that didn’t decrease its flow carrying capacity. The project was complicated by the pipeline route being under major Adelaide roads and by the need to maintain water supply services during the works.

The Solution

Interflow renewed the pipeline by lining with a close-fit PN16 PE100 polyethylene pipeline. It was the first installation of Interflow’s Titeflow technology, which provided maximum internal diameter while causing minimal community disruption during construction.

The Project

The Titeflow process involves winching a polyethylene pipe through a circular die, which temporarily reduces the pipe’s diameter. The reduced diameter is maintained as long as the winching tension is maintained. The reduced diameter pipe is winched through the deteriorated pipe, from the launch pit to the pit containing the winch.

The tension is then released, causing the polyethylene pipe to attempt to revert to its original diameter. This process allows a new polyethylene pipe to be installed to closely fit the inside of the deteriorated pipe. The polyethylene pipe has full pressure carrying capacity, meaning the pipeline has been effectively renewed. The smoothness of the polyethylene inner surface means flow carrying capacity is not reduced.

On this project, continuous welded lengths of polyethylene pipe were winched distances of up to 612 metres between the launch and winch pits, so minimising the need for excavation.

To reduce impact to road users and the community, works were carried out at night and on weekends. SA Water was involved in community relations and ensuring water supply services were maintained at all times.


On this project Interflow demonstrated the capability of Titeflow to renew the pipeline with a full-strength liner with maximum internal diameter, by an installation process that minimises the need for disruptive excavation.

Interflow is committed to offering its customers optimum solutions of the highest value for pipeline rehabilitation.