Sewer Maintenance Hole Rehabilitation

Project Summary Sheet

Customer: Leeton Shire Council

Location: Leeton, NSW

Delivered: April 2011

The Challenge

During the rehabilitation program to renew the deteriorated DN375 pipeline, 19 access chambers were identified as requiring rehabilitation as a result of hydrogen sulphide gas attack. In some instances, these maintenance holes had experienced a loss in wall thickness of approximately 25mm.

The Solution

Interflow proposed to use Interchem® CAC which is a factory blended, one component fibre reinforced calcium aluminate cement mortar enhanced with a monocrystalline quartz aggregate.

Interchem® CAC can be used for both protection and renewal of access chambers and other underground structures.

This method was not only the most suitable product but also provided the highest value to Leeton Shire Council.

The Project

Leeton Shire Council were one of the first customers to benefit from Interflow’s tailored infrastructure renewal capability.

The project was undertaken in a built up area of Leeton. The small footprint of the Interchem® CAC unit enabled Interflow to carry out the works with minimal impact on the local environment and community. By rehabilitating 19 access chambers with Interchem® CAC, Interflow was able to fully renew this section of Leeton Shire Council’s sewer system.

Interchem® CAC coating is applied using either a low velocity spray application nozzle or a high speed rotating application device. It also has a compressive strength of over 60MPa and is highly resistant to sulphide attack.

The pipe renewal and access chamber rehabilitation works were completed without interruption of the sewer network so there was no disruption to the surrounding residents.


Interflow is committed to offering its customers optimum solutions of the highest value for pipeline and access chamber rehabilitation.