Relining Deteriorated Pipelines – Liverpool

Project Summary Sheet

Customer: Liverpool City Council

Location: Liverpool, NSW

Delivered: Ongoing until 2020

The Challenge

Liverpool City Council (Council), in Sydney’s south west, is responsible for the control and management of over 590 kilometres of piped drainage, some up to a century old.

As underground stormwater conduits are out-of-site and out-of-mind, maintenance works are sometimes minimal and undertaken only when it becomes apparent that something needs to be done.

Council realised the importance of up front assessments and embarked on an extensive investigation into the condition of their oldest underground assets. This work allowed Council to develop and carry out a program of rehabilitation to remove the risk deteriorated pipelines may cause the community. At the same time, the program needed to be completed within financial constraints
and in a manner that prevented impact on community activities and lifestyles.

The Solution

Interflow provided a cost-benefit analysis that confirmed trenchless technology was the optimum solution compared to the alternative of excavation of long and sometimes deep trenches to replace the deteriorated pipelines.

Undertaking the works using Interflow’s trenchless technologies offers important social and environmental benefits compared to alternative methods. Less noise, less chemicals, less disruption and greater safety with fewer excavations were all important considerations for Council.

The Project

Interflow was engaged by Council on a term contract basis to carry out rehabilitation works which included cleaning, structural lining, patching of individual defects and civil works.

All work was carried out to minimise disruption. The smallest possible site footprint was created and where possible excavated material was


By being proactive and investing in a program of thorough investigation into the condition of their underground assets, Council has been able to embark on a program that maximises the efficiency of maintenance work while delivering high levels of safety and service.

Benefits to Council include:

  • Fewer insurance claims by alleviating the risk of flooding
  • Reduced number of emergency callouts and penalty rate payments
  • Less damage to roads and properties by land subsidence
  • Improves Fit for the Future “Asset Maintenance Ratio” KPIs

This program provides an example of excellence in how metropolitan councils can renew a vital but often neglected asset, so that their underground stormwater drains can continue to provide service for many years into the future.

Interflow is committed to offering its customers optimum solutions of the highest value for pipeline rehabilitation.