Rehabilitation of Sewer Lines – Yarra Valley

Project Summary Sheet

Customer: Yarra Valley Water

Location: Hawthorn, Burwood and Brunswick, VIC

Delivered: 2014 - 2015

The Challenge

Cleaning and inspection showed that these lines were severely deteriorated with missing inverts at several locations.

Considerable care was needed to clean these sewers considering their delicate condition. Some spot repairs were required prior to structural lining in areas with partial collapses.

The Solution

Sewer renewal was completed by installation of an SPR™ EX – Expanda Pipe spiral wound PVC liner. As well as sealing the sewer against leakage, infiltration or root intrusion, it also restores the full external load carrying capacity. The internal smoothness of the installed liner means that flow capacity is increased.

Works also included repairs to the maintenance holes.

The Project

In mid-2015 Interflow was issued with packages of DN225 sewer lines to rehabilitate as part of its term contract with Yarra Valley Water. The sewers were located in Hawthorn, Burwood and Brunswick in inner-Melbourne.

Following pipe preparation, Interflow’s spiral wound liners were installed without any excavation being required, either for launching the liner or for reconnection of house connection branches.

A strong, circular liner was installed together with lateral connections using access only from existing maintenance holes.


By limiting excavation, the project was carried out quickly with minimal disruption to the community. It was also completed at a fraction of the cost of pipecracking or dig-and-relay, the only other feasible solutions.

Interflow is committed to offering its customers optimum solutions of the highest value for pipeline rehabilitation.