Mt Buller Sewer Investigation and Remediation

Project Summary Sheet

Customer: Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management

Location: Mt Buller, VIC

Delivered: May 2017 and April 2018

The Challenge

The Mt Buller resort had a small window of opportunity for maintenance of its infrastructure. Given the limited time frame and remote location, it was critical that renewal works were planned and undertaken safely, quickly and efficiently.

The Solution

The integration of the condition assessment and renewal activities through Interflow’s ‘reveal and renew’ approach enabled efficient decision making.

Working in collaboration with Mt Buller’s management, the team assessed the CCTV/Condition reports and defined the scope and target areas of the prioritised assets for renewal. Once the initial
program of works were endorsed, Interflow mobilised crews to commence the renewal works while continuing the condition assessment works to progressively identify assets to be added to the renewal program.

The Project

Mt Buller’s sewer network comprises of approximately 11 km of buried pipework with some 250 lateral connections to buildings. Infiltration from the pipework had implications for the pristine alpine environment and waste treatment processes, particularly during peak mountain operations.

Resort management called for quotations to CCTV inspect the network, aware that only a limited period of time was available for the maintenance work.

To maximise efficiency, Interflow progressively provided CCTV inspection reports on the condition of the lines along with costed recommendations for any rectification needed.

Mt Buller Management reviewed the recommendations, and once agreed, the renewal work was carried out immediately while inspection of other parts of the network continued. This ensured Mt Buller’s critical asset defects were immediately addressed, whilst taking advantage of Interflow’s on-ground resources, minimising the review and approval process.

Over the duration of the contract, Interflow cleaned and CCTV’d over 10km of sewer pipeline and renewed close to 1.8km of sewer pipeline adopting its ‘reveal and renew’ approach.


This work process allowed time and cost efficiencies that were important to the client, by allowing commencement of remedial works without the delays that often apply to traditional programming methods. This meant a greater amount of sewer rehabilitation was performed in a shorter period of time – a vital benefit in a ski resort. It also meant that Mt Buller’s management could address any infiltration
concerns prior to its peak season.