October 2013: Interflow Introduces Titeflow – Close fit lining

Interflow has recently introduced Titeflow, an innovative close fit lining method utilising die reduction technology for the trunk watermain renewal on the Marion Road project in South Australia.

The Marion Road project involved the renewal of 6.9km a DN600 concrete-lined mild steel locking bar pipe. This trunk watermain, which was installed in 1898, is the oldest locking bar steel pipe in South Australia. Due to the criticality and age of the main, SA Water decided to renew the asset. The pipeline was situated in a challenging urban area with high traffic volumes. Furthermore it was necessary to renew the pipeline without reducing flow capacity compared to the original watermain. These requirements eliminated the more traditional approaches of dig and relay and slip lining.

Interflow developed Titeflow to meet the needs of this project. Titeflow produces a close fitting liner solution using die reduction technology. Although not new to Australia, die reduction technology has been evolving in recent years. The Titeflow equipment used on the Marion Road project was compact and powerful which in turn led to reduced space on-site. This was particularly important in this project and minimised the traffic impact on a major arterial road.

Using Titeflow the Marion Rd project was able to be completed successfully. Despite being a new technology there were no significant teething troubles or incidents and the project preceded according to the time and cost budgets.

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