Keeping Australia’s essential service workers connected

The social distancing regulations put in place since the COVID-19 pandemic have left many Australians feeling isolated from their peers and communities. In a bid to spread positivity and solidarity, essential service workers in the construction industry have united across digital platforms to share the drivers for why they stay at work.


The birth of a movement

While many people in Australia and New Zealand have been compelled to stay at home to comply with evolving COVID-19 government regulations, a select group of workers have remained on the frontline, providing essential services for their communities and country.

These workers have had to change their working procedures to incorporate new safety measures such as social distancing, wearing advanced personal protective equipment (PPE) and adopting stringent hygiene practices, whilst completing infrastructure work that cannot be done remotely.

A cross industry initiative, #IStayAtWork, was initiated to demonstrate solidarity among those essential workers who strive to keep their communities happy, healthy and hygienic.



Staying connected

The initiative inspired people to stay virtually connected using the hashtag and has been embraced by a myriad of frontline workers and essential service men and women, all united by one key motivation: to uplift and support their teams, peers and affected residents during this time.

Specialist in water networks and essential service provider, Interflow, is one of the organisations spearheading this movement. Since the start of the pandemic, the Company’s workers from Australia and New Zealand have rallied together to share why they stay at work to provide essential water and sanitation services for their people, customers and communities.

“The initiative has really meant a lot to our team in the field,” said Nick Roth, Interflow’s Field Operations Manager.

“Seeing photos of their colleagues from around the country embracing social distancing and adapting their workflows has acted as a great motivator and helped reinforce to our team that they’re not going through this alone,” he continued.



Putting community safety first

Interflow’s crews are taking every precaution to operate safely and with consideration for the health and wellbeing of those around them.

Nick Roth explained that this commitment to serving the Company’s customers’ communities extends from the crews in the field to the teams back in the office.

“Even our office staff have gotten involved. They may be working from home, but they’re still working hard to support our team in the field and to provide our customers with solutions for the life of the water network.”

The #IStayAtWork movement has been groundbreaking in forging a sense of positivity and cohesion among essential workers in the construction field – it truly shows that the power of keeping connected has overcome  geographical boundaries, whilst allowing field workers to complete their jobs safely and stop the spread of COVID-19.

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