Interflow Turns 80

Today marks our 80th year in business and on such a significant milestone I would like to reflect on the past, present and future of the company. I would like to thank all the people of Interflow who have been and always will be the foundation blocks of this great business.

The Past
On the 11th November 1936 my grandfather, Harold Weaver, more commonly known as Bill Weaver, founded General Constructions with the first job being the construction of sewers in the Sydney suburb of Northbridge. The company went on to construct many of the original sewers and water supply pipelines throughout Australia.

General Constructions rapidly gained a reputation for quality and reliability under the watchful management of Bill, whose tenet was “that each project undertaken must add to the company’s reputation for competence, reliability and honesty”.

In 1960, Bill handed the reins of the company over to the second generation, appointing my father, Ron Weaver as Managing Director. Ron always kept one step ahead of the competition by providing innovative solutions to the customer and by continually finding better ways to do the work. That attitude is deeply engrained in our culture today.

In 1990, I was appointed Managing Director and in 1996 General Constructions merged with associated companies Vortec and Pipeline Rehabilitations to form what is now Interflow.

The Present

We have a successful and innovative company that is recognised as a leader in water infrastructure renewal and has a history of successful project and program delivery.

Major water authorities trust in us to deliver their large network renewal programs. We have become a world leader in a fast developing industry.

Throughout our 80 year history we have focused on solving clients’ problems, becoming a trusted ‘partner’, because we don’t compromise on quality or safety – that is something of which I am very proud and I thank you all for your continued support.

Interflow’s good reputation has been built on us living and breathing Interflow’s core values of honesty, reliability, and competency.

Simply put, we strive to act and communicate in a way that is sincere, truthful and straightforward. The ‘Interflow Culture’, our way of doing things, is clearly evident today because it has been passed down by the people of Interflow over what is now four generations and 80 years.

The Future

Our clients come to us to solve their problems because they know we have the expertise to offer cost effective, innovative and alternative solutions.

As we look forward to the future, we will continue to challenge the status quo by having a ‘can do’ attitude to find a better way. That is how we will continue to look after our customers and be successful over the next 80 years.

Thank you for again for your continued support and dedication.

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