Infrastop® (80 – 150mm)

An important feature of trenchless watermain rehabilitation design is minimising disruption to Water Authority customers. This is done by:

  • Minimising the number of residents and businesses affected
  • Providing temporary water supply while the main is off-line

Work on a watermain requires emptying it and removing it from service. To minimise the length of water main taken out of service, and hence the number of consumers affected, Interflow uses its patented Infrastop line stopping device.

The Infrastop is installed immediately upstream of the section of main where the work is to be carried out, so stopping flow to the affected section and allowing it to be drained. It can also be installed immediately downstream of the works if necessary. This ensures that only the minimum length of water main is isolated. The Infrastop requires a small excavation and can be installed and operating within 90 minutes without interrupting supply to consumers upstream.

Approximately 10,000 Infrastops have been installed since their introduction by Infratec, and they have been responsible for increasing the feasibility of Trenchless Technology for water main rehabilitation.

In conjunction with Infrastop installation, consumers along the route of the section of pipeline to be renewed are connected to a temporary water supply system. This involves configuration of 25mm or 32mm above ground polyethylene pipework from the main upstream with connections to each consumer.

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