Expanda® (150 – 1,200mm)

Expanda is a full-bore spirally wound PVC liner that restores the structural integrity, reliability and efficiency of aging sewer and gravity pipelines with diameters from 150mm to 1200mm.

Expanda consists of a single, continuous strip of PVC, which is spirally wound into the existing pipeline via a winding machine positioned in the base of an existing manhole or access chamber. The edges of the strip interlock as it is spirally wound to form a continuous watertight liner inside the host pipe. Once a section of Expanda liner is installed, a mechanical process is used to radially expand it until it fits tightly against the wall of the host pipe. This minimises the loss in cross-sectional area. The ends of the liner at each manhole are sealed and rendered to the host pipe whilst lateral connections are reconnected by robotic cutting.

The PVC profile strip is supplied to site on spools so the size of the site foot-print is minimal. The profile is available in a range of sizes to accommodate different pipe sizes.

Expanda provides a strong flexible liner which can be designed as a stand alone structural pipe to AS/NZ 2566.1. The liner can be installed in deteriorated pipes, even those with missing inverts and obverts, and has a constant wall thickness so it will not balloon or thin out in unsupported sections.

Made from proven uPVC grade pipe materials, Expanda provides a flow efficient smooth bore. The flow resistance coefficients of Expanda are the same as those applicable to new PVC sewer pipe. There are no ripples or wrinkles even over offset joints in the host pipe.

Installation is easy and fast, with minimal set-up required. Smaller support vehicles means less disruption to local traffic and purpose build lining rigs make installation possible in remote locations or those with difficult access. Expanda can be installed in live flow avoiding the need to plug or by-pass and further minimising disruption to nearby residents.

With no resins involved the process is cleaner and safer and there is no waiting for curing or heat treatment.

Expanda can be installed in pipes constructed of any material including concrete, brick, vitrified clay, AC, or cast iron making it an effective solution for pipeline renewal. To find out more download the Expanda product brochure by clicking on the file below

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