Celebrating 85 years of innovation with Interflow

Leading pipeline infrastructure company, Interflow, is celebrating its 85th year of uplifting communities through the provision of world-class water and wastewater services. As the company approaches this incredible milestone, its people are pausing to reflect on their journey that has been characterised by innovation, agility, and a steadfast dedication to solving customers’ problems.

Interflow is Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of trenchless pipeline infrastructure solutions. Throughout its vibrant history, the organisation has pioneered technologies and renewal methods that have received national and international recognition for their industry-leading status.

Innovation lies at the core of Interflow’s service offering. From proactive asset management to emergency repairs, the company is dedicated to developing bespoke solutions that penetrate to the heart of its customers’ needs: robust, sustainable pipeline infrastructure that will service the growing needs of the community for generations to come.

This is something that has been characteristic of the organisation since its establishment. From day one, the organisation’s founder, Harold ‘Bill’ Weaver, was committed to ‘challenging the status quo’.

In 1936, Bill set out on a mission to support the growth of budding communities along the east coast of Australia through the construction of water, sewerage and drainage systems for developing towns. As a result of Bill’s ability to identify gaps in the market and develop services to meet the needs of his customers, the company was able to expand its operations across the country.

A generation-led, family-owned business

Over the years, the leadership of Interflow has been handed down from father to son, for three generations.

The organisation’s current Managing Director, Geoff Weaver, has been responsible for expanding Interflow’s operations across Australia, establishing international operations in New Zealand, negotiating two twenty-year exclusive Australasian licenses for spirally wound rehabilitation products, and has taken a leading role in the development of trenchless technology.

Today, at 85-years young, Interflow has become Australia’s largest provider of trenchless pipeline solutions, earning the enviable track record of being the preferred delivery partner within its market.

Geoff shares how the company’s ongoing success has been guided by the steadfast core values laid out by his grandfather.

“My grandfather’s ethos was simple. He was committed to challenging the status quo and finding new and better ways to do things,” he said.

“He strove to ensure that every action taken by the company, both in the way it treated its people and customers, reflected the core values of Honesty, Reliability, Competence and Respect.”

Geoff says that in addition to these core values, Interflow’s success should be attributed to the commitment and dedication of its people.

“Interflow’s innovation has always been spurred by two simple questions: What do our customers need, and can we challenge ourselves to do better?”

Geoff shares how this passion led to the development of many world-class technologies that changed the civil engineering landscape forever.

“As early as the 1990s, we pioneered the use of trenchless technology to improve project efficiency, reduce costs and minimise any impact to the environment and community,” he said.

“Each generation of leadership has been responsible for refining these methods and developing new technologies to further improve the experience of our customers and communities.”

A simple vision, an important mission

Starting as a humble business and steadily growing to a workforce of approximately 600 employees across all of Australia and New Zealand, the company continues to expand the range of services offered to its customers.

Geoff highlights the company’s desire to be the first point of contact for its customers’ pipeline infrastructure projects.

“Our crews are well trained and equipped to resolve all our customers’ problems, throughout the entire lifecycle of their water, wastewater, stormwater and culvert assets,” he said.

“We remain steadfastly committed to investing in our people and providing them with the right tools and support to grow with our business.”

Although Interflow’s vision and strategy have evolved over the years to accommodate the growth of their workforce and advancements in technology, the core foundation has remained the same.

As the company prepares for its anniversary celebrations throughout November, Geoff reflects on what the future may have in store.

“One thing is for sure: we will continue to grow, innovate, and challenge ourselves to be our best every day,” he said.

“As we celebrate this incredible milestone, we look forward to the next 85 years of supporting our customers and uplifting communities with pipeline infrastructure solutions for generations to come.”

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