Caversham WA gets a fix for that sinking feeling

Interflow were engaged by the City of Swan to urgently evaluate and repair a sinkhole that appeared in the middle of a busy suburban road. Interflow moved in to complete the work with minimum disruption to the local community and through traffic.

Initial Investigations showed that a 900mm drainage pipe under Benara Rd in the suburb of Caversham – a creek crossing running almost at capacity with water and mud – had leaked at joint locations. The resulting sinkhole was getting larger, was a danger to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, so required immediate attention.

Interflow’s solution was to clean and reline the pipe with a 23m long Rib Loc Expanda liner which has significantly extended the service life of the asset.

Interflow’s WA Operations Manager, Stephen Thomson, said, “It was a pleasure working with the City of Swan Engineering team to find a solution for this unique problem.

“We work on the prevention side too”, he added. “Interflow can check storm water culverts for potential problems and work towards asset management strategies to economically extend the life of underground assets”.

Interflow is committed to solving its customers problems and recommend that water infrastructure asset and network owners utilise maintenance programs over CCTV contracts. The traditional convention of CCTV contracts is limited as they are designed to capture raw footage which is then analysed and graded. The alternative approach is to integrate this activity into a turn-key scenario whereby a delivery partner, such as Interflow, performs cleaning, CCTV surveys, condition assessment, recommendations and rehabilitation.

Sylvain Cabanel, Interflow’s Business Development Manager WA said “Using our turn-key solutions and having Interflow carry out assessment and recommendation tasks frees our customers from the heavy workload. Customers only need to review and assess the work that Interflow recommends”.

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