SPR® (900 – 5,000mm)

SPR – non-circular culvert 900mm to 5,000mm

SPR is the latest addition to Interflow’s product range. This product allows non-circular culverts, such as box sections, to be renewed. Developed in Japan and used extensively in the Asian market, SPR will provide road and rail authorities in Australia a product that will for the first time enable non-circular culverts to be structurally renewed without the need for excavation.

The products and method of installations are consistent with Interflow’s commitment to the community and environment. Interflow’s liners are structural and are installed by spirally winding profile without the need for excavating launch pits. The profile is material efficient so the liner is lighter compared to heavy walled pipe alternatives. This means fast installation and lower transport costs. The speed of installation results in less disruption to local traffic and the local community. The profile is delivered and stored on site on spools so the size of the site area is minimised and there is less impact to the surrounding environment.

Interflow’s solutions provide a continuous joint free pipe of maximum internal diameter with qualities that make it superior to the original it replaced: smooth bore (not corrugated profile), improved hydraulics, inert material, corrosion resistant, uv resistant, high impact strength and high abrasion resistance.

The Interflow products are safe. The installation process is mechanical and fast with minimal worker entry required. The process is odour free and relatively quiet. This results in increased safety for the installation crew and the nearby residents.

Over the last number of years, Interflow has worked with various road and rail authorities throughout Australia specifically providing solutions for culvert remedial projects which in the past would have involved disruptive excavation works.