Rotaloc® (900 – 1,800mm)

Structural lining for deteriorated circular pipes and culverts from 800mm to 1800mm diameter

Rotaloc consists of a single, continuous strip of PVC, which is progressively wound into the existing pipeline by a Rotaloc winding machine. No excavation is required and installation can be achieved from existing access chambers. The Rotaloc winding machine traverses the pipeline at the same time as it rotates and locks the edges of profile strip together. The machine can alter its diameter as it moves through the pipe to ensure the liner fits tightly against the host pipe, even if its diameter changes along its length. On site set-up requires access from both manholes during installation – one for the Rotaloc winding machine and one for the profile.

Like Expanda, the Rotaloc PVC profile strip is supplied to site on spools so the size of the site foot-print is minimal. The profile is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses to enable selection based on design requirements for the project.

Cementitious grouting of the void between the liner profile and the host pipe can be offered in order to meet specification requirements.

Rotaloc offers similar benefits as Expanda;
Rotaloc provides a strong flexible liner which can be designed as a stand alone structural pipe to AS/NZS 2566.1. The liner can be installed in pipes with missing inverts and obverts and has a constant wall thickness so it will not balloon or thin out in unsupported sections.

Made from proven UPVC grade pipe materials, Rotaloc provides a flow efficient smooth bore circular cross-section. The flow resistance coefficients of Rotaloc are the same as those applicable to new PVC sewer pipe and because the liner is installed to fit tightly against the existing pipe wall there is only minimal loss of cross-sectional area.

Installation is easy and fast, with minimal set-up required. There is no need to excavate pits and no on-site pipe storage means smaller site foot-print. smaller support vehicles means less disruption to local traffic. The winding process is controlled and monitored remotely above ground so there is no need to work inside the deteriorated pipeline; an obvious safety benefit.

With no resins involved the process is cleaner and safer and there is no waiting for curing or heat treatment.

Rotaloc can be installed in pipes constructed of brick, concrete, glass reinforced plastic, or corrugated metal making it an effective solution for renewing larger diameter pipes. To find out more download the Rotaloc product brochure by clicking on the file below

Rotaloc is a full-bore spirally wound PVC liner that restores the structural integrity, reliability and efficiency of aging sewers, gravity pipelines and culverts with diameters from 800mm to 1,500mm.