Ribline® (900 – 3,600mm)

Ribline is a fixed diameter full-bore structural liner that restores the integrity, reliability and efficiency of aging pipes and culverts. It is suitable for pipe diameters from 400mm to 3000mm

Ribline is made of a composite steel reinforced high density polyethylene profile. The combination of the strength of steel and the durability of plastic result in a liner with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

The liner is supplied as a strip of profile and is spirally wound-in-place and installed by a mechanical process. The Ribline profile is progressively wound into the host pipe by a winding machine located at an existing access point. The liner diameter is set by a winding head. By changing the size of the head any number of different diameters can be achieved so the internal diameter of the new pipe is always maximized. The profile strips are interlocked by extrusion welding the edges together at the same time as the profile leaves the winding head so there is no limit on the length of pipe which can be lined. This makes installation fast and provides a strong, continuous, joint-free liner.

After the liner has been installed cementitious grout is pumped behind the liner to fill voids in the deteriorated host pipe.

Ribline is the only system in the world that can provide a structural liner for diameters up to 3000mm. The unique combination of high density polyethylene and embedded steel reinforcing ribs provide a liner with higher stiffness. The profile strips are available in a range of sizes and the liner stiffness can be tailored to meet specific design requirements by changing the size of the steel reinforcing members.

The pipe-grade polyethylene is UV resistant and provides an inert, smooth bore pipe of circular cross-section with exceptionally high resistance to wear, making it ideally suited to long term use in harsh sewer environments. In most cases the flow capacity of the original pipe is increased after lining it with Ribline.

Installation requires only a single access point such as an existing access chamber and because the installation process is controlled and monitored remotely above ground there is no need to work inside the deteriorated pipeline which means increased safety for our operators and site personnel.

In culvert applications Ribline is the intelligent alternative to conventional slip lining. Unlike heavy walled sliplined pipes which are pushed in sections and joined in place, Ribline provides a full bore, continuous joint-free structural pipe which is lighter and faster to install with no need to excavate launch pits, no on-site pipe storage and a smaller and safer site area.

Ribline can be installed in pipes and culverts constructed of brick, concrete, glass reinforced plastic and corrugated metal making it an effective solution for renewing large diameter pipes. To find out more download the Ribline product brochure by clicking on the file below.