Cleaning (100 – 3,000mm)

Interflow has a range of pipeline cleaning techniques suited for the many different challenges that are faced in sewer, stormwater and culvert pipelines.

Interflow offers a depth of experience and ensures that the right methods and tools are selected for the right situation. This provides the best quality and lowest risk for the clients’ assets.

Capabilities Include:

  • Tree root removal
  • Grinding of protruding junctions
  • Pipeline cleaning – De-silting – Blockage clearing – De-scaling
  • Manhole cleaning
  • Man entry cleaning and traversing
  • House Service Line cleaning

In addition to our standard range of pipeline cleaning services, Interflow also has a range of specialised pipeline cleaning vehicles fitted with the latest in recycler-vacuum cleaning technology. These trucks are capable of cleaning wastewater pipelines using the water inside the pipe at the same time as sucking up and removing silt and debris.


The use of large volumes of potable drinking water to clean and de-silt waste water pipes is becoming an increasingly sensitive environmental issue for Water Authorities.Interflow’s Recycler combination cleaning units (Recyclers) draw wastewater from inside the pipe, recycle it, and then use it to clean the pipeline. Interflow has 3 Recycler models in operation:

  • Super 1000 capable of cleaning pipes up to DN750
  • Super 2000 capable of cleaning pipes up to DN1200
  • Pipeline cleaning – De-silting – Blockage clearing – De-scaling

Each Recycler is equipped with a high performance vacuum pump which draws existing water from inside the pipe. The water is then continuously recycled through five different tanks on board the structure. Any debris and silt is collected in a separate silt tank. An onboard pump is then used to return the recycled water back into the pipe at high pressure for cleaning. The combination of high jetting pressure and flow capacity allow pipelines of the largest diameter to be cleaned fast and efficiently. The entire process is quick and extracted silt is collected inside onboard storage tanks.

Recycling Process