Mechanical Seals (>750mm)

Internal mechanical sealing are used for leaking joints and cracks in pipes from a diameter of 750mm up to 4000mm

The mechanical sealing system is a flexible rubber leak clamp that ensures a non-corrodible, tight seal around the inside circumference of the pipe-joint area. Its design incorporates a series of lip seals creating a leak-proof fit on either side of the joint.

The mechanical sealing system is fit for installation in natural gas industrial piping, potable water distribution lines, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and nuclear and fossil fuel power plant applications. With fast installation, it’s perfect for planned outages or emergency situations.



  • There are no Resins or other Chemical adhesives required to create a stable seal
  • Can be used in a variety of pipes including drinking water pipes, storm water, gas, oil and other mediums
  • Can be used in a variety of pipe materials including concrete, HDPE, asbestos etc.
  • The mechanical sealing system seals leaking joints and radial cracks.
  • Pressure range 200 meter head internally and up to 30 meter head externally (depending on sleeve size).
  • In severe cases of infiltration, the mechanical sealing system can be used in conjunction with an injectable resin or grout
  • No excavation is required
  • With a high strength and reliable Rubber Seal
  • Installed successfully throughout the world