MD Profiling (375 – 900mm)

Interflow has introduced the new MD profilers, increasing its capabilities with advanced technology for pipeline inspection.

Through its partnership with New Zealand companies Drain Surgeons and RedZone, Interflow now offers Australian water authorities a pipeline inspection system capable of providing accurate, objective data on the condition of the pipeline both above and below the water line.

Utilising CCTV, laser profiling and sonar, both profilers operate without person entry and without the need for flow control. This advancement represents a major step forward for clients seeking a safe, cost effective and objective means of understanding the condition of their pipelines.

Inspection data and reports

The MD Profiler is equipped with a high resolution CCTV camera and as such, a video file of the pipeline with digital zoom is provided.

An accurate profile of the pipe is produced. This allows the actual shape of the pipe to be shown as well as the extent of deterioration/corrosion. This data is vital in the assessment of the pipeline’s structural condition.

The Flat GraphTM software is used to topographically map pipe radial variances from the reference shape and size from start to end of the pipe. Based on the reference shape and size, Flat Graph is drawn with the pipe being split at the 6 o’clock position and flattened out.

The sonar profiler is able to be used with 25-75 per cent of the pipe surcharged. The sonar images are recorded in a video format, combined with the laser profilers and used to generate debris data and complete the 360 degree, 3D picture of the pipe.


Interflow believes that the MD Profiler represent an advance in pipeline inspection and assessment of large diameter sewers. This technology will allow a rapid, objective and accurate condition assessment to be carried out without the need for person entry or flow diversion or interruption. Not only will it represent an advancement in the quality of the report but also a significant step forward in terms of safety and disruption.