Interline® UV (<1,300mm)

Fiberglass reinforced Interline UV offers an affordable alternative to traditional open cut methods by reducing impact on the community, with no digging required.

Ultra-Violet (UV) Cured CIPP Custom fit liners are now available for wastewater, stormwater and industrial piping rehabilitation. This system provides higher mechanical qualities, assured quality control with the added benefit of no styrene discharge into the environment when compared with traditional CIPP systems.

Liners are produced in varies lengths, in a variety of wall thicknesses and profiles, (ie. round, egg, and box).

After inflation, a UV light train is inserted through the end elements and driven through the opposite end of the inflated liner. The light train is then drawn backwards toward the starting element at a controlled speed, curing the liner as it travels. The final step is to trim both ends and open any lateral services. Exact reinstatement of lateral connection openings is carried out immediately after the curing process.

Interline UV is a environmentally friendly system using only air and UV light to curer the liner, compared with hot water, and steam resins that may discharge styrene contaminated water into the environment.