Interflow renews egg shaped sewers in Double Bay, Sydney with Interline® UV

Interflow has successfully renewed in total 438 metres of 736mm x 533mm egg shaped sewer as part of a 4 year sewer rehabilitation contract for Sydney Water.

This was the first time that Interflow had renewed an egg shaped pipe of this size using Interline® UV (Ultra-Violet) cured CIPP structural liner.

The Lining Process:

The Interline® UV liner is winched into the host pipe. After inflation, a UV light train is inserted through the end elements and driven through the opposite end of the inflated liner. The light train is then drawn backwards toward the starting element at a controlled speed, curing the liner as it travels. Trim both ends and open any lateral services. Once cured, both ends are trimmed and lateral services are opened.

The Reasons Interline® UV was used:

The pipeline was situated in a challenging urban area with difficult access and at depth of 20m. Furthermore, due to design requirements, standard felt could not be made stiff enough. As such the new Interline® UV liner was the only product capable of meeting the exact requirements of this job.

The Outcome:

The work was completed according to client’s specification and according to plan.

As a result the ovoid pipe was effectively renewed with only minimal disruption to the community and no impact on regular week day road users.

This project was another example of how Interflow was able to provide a solution that met the needs of the client. With Interline® UV, Interflow continues its commitment to offering its clients solutions of the highest value.