Interflex® (100 – 150mm)

Lateral pipes or house service pipes which connect a dwelling to the sewer main can account for up to 30% of the total surface area of a sewer network, so cracks and leaking joints can present a significant source of infiltration into the sewer network. Roots, on the other hand, can grow into the sewer pipeline leading to blockages and sewer overflows.

Interflex is an epoxy cured-in-place liner used to renew cracked, leaking, or root infested house service pipes without the need for excavation. It can be installed in both 100mm and 150mm diameter pipes, the two standard sizes of house service pipes used in Australia and New Zealand.

Interflex relines and seals the full length of a house service pipeline from an inspection opening to the main sewer. The polyurethane coated felt liner is highly flexible so it can be installed in pipelines with tight bends, s-bends and offset joints with minimal wrinkling. A specially formulated epoxy resin offering excellent adhesion and fast cure properties is used. Being epoxy, there are no harmful styrenes released during curing. Mechanical rollers ensure the liner receives consistent and complete resin coverage during each installation so that no “soft” spots or weak points can occur.

Interflex is installed via inversion of the liner from an existing inspection opening (IO) on the surface of property so excavation is not required (if an I/O does not exist Interflow can construct one). The liner has the trailing end tied closed during installation. As the liner is inverted it is forced to traverse the pipe from the IO to the connection at the sewer main. The liner is pressed tight up against the host pipe using water pressure ensuring minimal loss of cross-sectional area. After curing the closed end of the liner is trimmed at the main, ensuring the liner has sealed the full length of the house service line for each and every installation so there is no risk that the liner falls too short and leaves a part of the pipeline exposed.

The Interflex system utilises materials which are used for renewal of sewer pipelines worldwide. CIP epoxy-felt liners exhibit low shrinkage and high strength and have a proven history of long term durability in harsh sewer environments.

The Interflex resin blend gives a constant and long pot-life to ensure low risk successful installation. Heated water is used to maintain a constant and fast resin cure time of 90 minutes.

The installation equipment is compact and mobile which makes it easy to access the confined spaces of backyards.The inversion method of installation is non-disruptive, quick, low-risk and safe. Interflow has extensive experience in installing Interflex had has been renewing house service lines with Interflex since the mid 1990’s. During this time Interflex has been installed in over 3000 house service pipelines.

Interflex effectively seals and renews house service lines reducing infiltration into the sewer network and providing a permanent barrier against root-regrowth and preventing sewer blockages.