Interchem ® R

Interchem R, denoting “Rebuild”, is a general-purpose epoxy-mortar repair system used to rebuild severely gas attacked underground sewer structures which may also have some structural loss. Interchem R is recommended when the condition of the structure has deteriorated to the point where protection from Interchem P is no longer adequate.

Access chambers and underground sewer structures that are highly deteriorated from gas attack may also have some structural loss. These structures require more than just a protective coating. Surface repair and structural restoration is necessary.

The Interflow suite of coating products, Interchem R was developed for in-situ protection and renewal of sewer structures without the need for costly and disruptive civil works.

Interchem R (denoting Rebuild) is a high-build general purpose epoxy mortar used to rebuild severely gas attacked surfaces and restore the structural integrity of the access chamber.

Interchem R is a single stage application; there is no need to apply a separate primer or a top-coat making application quick and easy. Interchem R is applied by trowel and float finished to a typical thickness of 20mm. The finished product is strong, tough, hard-wearing, and resistant to chemical attack.

The coating is specifically suited to application on common mineral substrate materials such as concrete, limestone masonry and brickwork. Provided there is man-entry access, there is no restriction on the type, size, shape, and depth of structure which can be treated with Interchem R.

Interchem R is easy to apply making it safe and low risk. It is applied by trowel to where it is needed meaning it can be used for localised patch repairs as well as reaching confined spaces which are beyond the reach of spray systems.

Interchem R rebuilds, seals, and protects severely gas attacked sewer structures cost-effectively renewing and extending the life of the asset. Typical applications are the rebuild of inspection pits , access chambers, manholes, box culverts sections, and localised repair of damaged sections of man entry size pipes.