Interchem ® CAC

Interchem CAC, is a factory blended, one component fibre reinforced calcium aluminate cement mortar enhanced with a monocrystalline quartz aggregate. Interchem CAC is used for both the protection and renewal of access chambers and underground structures.

The deterioration level of the structure will determine the thickness of the Interchem CAC needed for the structure’s rehabilitation. Interchem CAC can be applied in various thicknesses up to 75mm. Interchem CAC is used on vertical and overhead surfaces making it quick and easy to coat inside structures.

Prior to application, the surfaces are cleaned with high pressure water. Interchem CAC coating is then sprayed using either a low velocity spray application nozzle or a high speed rotating applicator device.

The physical properties of Interchem CAC result in tough, strong hard wearing material which restores the structural integrity of the structure. Interchem CAC has a compressive strength of over 60MPa which is greater than concrete strengths typically found in the construction industry. Interchem CAC is highly resistant to sulphide attack and is ideally suited for underground sewer structures with a pH of greater (less acidic) than 2.

The spraying application of Interchem CAC enables a faster installation rate compared to trowelling and also allows the mortar to coat cracks, tight spots or hard to reach areas. The combination of quick mortar application time and overnight curing means less disruption to residents and the general public during installation.

Interflow has recognised the importance of providing a complete repair and renewal package for the entire sewer network. Interflow has developed a suite of chemical treatment products called Interchem specifically targeted at offering a total solution. The appropriate product will depend on the condition of the structure.

Interflow is able to provide a tailored package from this wide range of alternatives ensuring our clients obtain the most suitable and highest value solution.