HD Profiler (900 – 3,000mm)

One of the challenges for an engineer or contractor while doing inspection of large pipelines is the need for a safe and fast way to do condition assessment. To date the reliance is based on man entry and visual inspection to come to a decision.

Introducing the HD Profiler – the worlds most advanced technology, for large diameter pipes inspection. A combination of camera, sonar and infrared laser which can travel 3 kms into the pipe to provide pipeline engineers and contractors very accurate empirical data on the ovality, capacity, debris, corrosion and other conditions in new and existing pipelines.

The HD Profiler allows sewer pipes in the size ranging from 900mm to 3,000mm to be inspected without a person entry. The unit is pulled through the sewer at speeds of up to 15 metres per minute and can survey a pipeline from a single access point up to 3,000m long.

The unit stores all information on-board. Upon retrieval the data is downloaded and sent for analysis and preparation of the reports.

The report highlights the true pipe condition prior to and after rehabilitation as a safer, faster and accurate tool for objective decision making, as it provides:

  • Fast cross-sectional area calculations for determining flow reduction
  • Deformation measured as an out-of-circle percentage
  • Corrosion – loss of pipe wall can easily be ascertained
  • Silting formation assessment
  • Quantifies defects, holes, or other abnormalities and 360° view of the pipe
  • High safety through no man entry into the pipe
  • HD Profiler: The safer, faster and superior way for large diameter pipeline inspection
  • To find out more download the HD Profiler product brochure by clicking on the file below